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Christmas Rose

Charlie Yeung
Aaron Kwok Chen Chang Lun Mei Gwei Yu Xia Kai Chi Liu
Hong Kong / 2013
DCP/Renkli / Color90\’
Mandarince, Türkçe Altyazılı / Mandarin with Turkish Subtitles




Christmas Rose
Noel Gülü

Tim (Aaron KWOK) is a defense attorney with a heart of gold. Refusing to simply be a hired gun for his wealthy clients, Tim quits his job at a prestigious law firm to become a prosecutor at the Justice Department. With support from his fiancée Megan and his cop buddy Nam (LIU Kai-chi), Tim decides to start life anew.

When he chances upon a handicapped piano teacher Jing (GWEI Lun-mei), she begs Tim to help her. She has accused her doctor, the renowned surgeon Zhou (CHANG Chen), of sexual harassing her during a check-up in his clinic. The doctor and the patient were the only ones in the room, and each of them offers contradictory testimony. The case soon turns into a Rashomon-esque mystery.