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War Story

Mark Jackson
Catherine Keener Ben Kingsley Hafsia Herzi Vincenzo Amato
Amerika / USA / 2014
DCP/Renkli / Color93\’
İngilizce,İtalyanca,Fransızca ve Türkçe Altyazılı / English,Italian,French with Turkish Subtitles




War Story
Savaş Hikayesi

Lee (Catherine Keener) is a war photographer who has spent her adult life in the world’s most treacherous conflict zones, documenting the catastrophes of others. When we meet her, she has recently experienced her own horror after being taken

hostage and brutalized in Libya. Instead of returning to New York where her concerned

colleagues and loved ones anxiously await her, Lee detours to Sicily instead, where she

holes up in a small hotel, not far from the home of her former lover and mentor Albert (Ben Kingsley). As Lee struggles to recover from her psychic and physical wounds, she crosses paths with Hafsia (Hafsia Herzi), a young Tunisian migrant in need of an abortion and safe passage to France, who bears a striking Resemblance to a Libyan girl Lee photographed just before her capture. Lee tries to help Hafsia, and conquer her own formidable demons in the process.