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Twenty Eight

Prasanna Jayakody
Semini İddamalgoda Sarath Kothalawala Rukmal Nirosh Mahendra Perera
Sri Lanka / 2014
DCP/Renkli / Color98\’
Sinhalece, Türkçe Altyazılı / Sinhalese with Turkish Subtitles




Twenty Eight
Yirmi Sekiz

Abasiri (50) and Mani (25) arrive in the capital city from a distant village in a hill station to identify a woman who had been raped and murdered. 15 years after parting from him, Abasiri recognizes his wife Suddhi on a mortuary table.

Penniless and destitute, Abasiri uses every trick he knows to persuade the owner of a small ice-cream van (Lenin) into carrying what he believes is an empty coffin on the hood rack of the van back to the village.

The two men ply Lenin with Alcohol and Opium in order to appease him with the result that the coffin flies off the hood of the van and onto the ground. The truth is revealed!