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Nino Basilia
Ekaterine Demetradze

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
02.10.2016 – 16:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
01.10.2016 – 16:00


Anna’s Life
Anna’nın Hayatı

Young single mother decides to go to America to improve the living conditions for herself and her autistic child.
To overcome poverty sometimes she washes dishes at a restaurant and sometimes she cleans the apartmentsof rich people. The USA Consulate rejects to issue a visa for her. And, to leave for America illegally she needsmuch money. Anna takes a risk, sells her house and the whole amount of money she gets for the house she gives to the man who promises her to get a visa from the Embassy through corruption. The man appears aswindler and decides to use Anna’s money for taking abroad his own family.