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The Violators

Helen Walsh
Lauren McQueen, Brogan Ellis, Stephen Lord, Liam Ainsworth

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
03.10.2016 – 13:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
30.09.2016 – 13:00


The Violators

After testifying against her abusive father, Shelly (15), finds herself rehoused on a sink estate she canbarely call home. A petty thief, Shelly spends her days roaming the estate and docklands in search ofopportunities. When she attracts the attention of estate loan shark and groomer, Mikey Finnegan (40), Shelly finds herself thrust under the watchful gaze of a mysterious stranger, Rachel (17). As Shelly’srelationship with Mikey develops, so does Rachel’s fixation with Shelly. The shock-revelation that Shelly’s
father is to be given early parole forces Shelly to make a decision that will alter the fates of all three of them – forever.