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My Father Wings

Kıvanç Sezer
Menderes Samancılar, Musab Ekici, Kübra Kip, Tansel Öngel

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
01.10.2016 – 19:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
05.10.2016 – 21:30


My Father Wings
Babamın Kanatları

Ibrahim works construction on a luxury high-rise apartment building; the pay is irregular but this incomesupports his family, who live with relatives outside town. The unexpected diagnosis of a malignanttumor on his lymph nodes, however, throws his life off balance, depriving him of any guarantees foreven the immediate future. When a rumor gets around that the construction company paid handsomecompensation to the family of an employee who lost his life in a tragic work accident, Ibrahim begins toentertain an audacious idea.