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The Violin Teacher

Sérgio Machado
Lázaro Ramos, Kaique Jesus, Elzio Vieira
, Sandra Corveloni, Fernanda D Freitas

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
03.10.2016 – 19:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
02.10.2016 – 13:00


The Violin Teacher
Keman Öğretmeni

The violinist Laerte has prepared himself for many years to be a part of OSESP, Latin America’s mostimportant symphonic orchestra. At the audition, he was nervous and he can’t play.

Without money and with no options, Laerte is forced to teach music in a public school in Heliopolis,the biggest and most violent slum of São Paulo. The instruments are precarious and the environment ishostile, but two boys distinguish for their special talent. Laerte experiences himself the brutal reality andis forced to compose with drug dealers. Little by little he is able to gain the trust of the students and thecommunity while he starts to give classes in a less conventional way.