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Solomon’s Perjury I: Judgment

Izuru Narushima
Ryoko Fujino, Mizuki Itagaki, Yuna Kawahara

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
05.10.2016 – 21:30

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
03.10.2016 – 21:30


Solomon’s Perjury I: Judgment
Solomon No Gisho
Sahte Tanık II

Takuya Kashiwagi’s death was a suicide or was he killed? Everything told about his death, all theaccusations, were they real or just lies?
Students who could not find any satisfactory answers to these questions decide to set up a court in theschool and seek for the truth themselves. Will this court, constituted of students, with its judge, lawyersand prosecutors, be able to find out the truth?