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Solomon’s Perjury I: Suspicion

Izuru Narushima
Ryoko Fujino, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Haru Kuroki, Hiromi Nagasaku

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
05.10.2016 – 19:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
03.10.2016 – 19:00


Solomon’s Perjury I: Suspicion
Solomon No Gisho
Sahte Tanık I

On Christmas morning, 14 year-old Takuya KASHIWAGI plummeted into the snow-covered schoolyard.
His death stirred up the latent malice that existed within the school, leading to accusations by someoneclaiming to be an eye-witness, but who uses a pseudonym to remain anonymous. A scheme for a newmurder, sensational coverage by the mass media, then another victim, and yet another… Who actually
knows about the real truth?!
The students won’t just leave it to the adults anymore…