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Rakhshan BaniEtemad
Golab Adineh, Mohammad-Reza Forutan, Baran Kosari

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
04.10.2016 – 11:00

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
06.10.2016 – 16:00


Under the Skin of the City
Şehrin Öteki Yüzü

This is a film about the life of a woman. Tuba, who works in a weaving factory, is carrying the burdenof her husband and four children on her shoulder, trying to make a better life for her children, what shecouldn’t have so far. Her eldest son Abbas is so worried about the mother and is searching for a better work, hopeful for a better condition for the family. But he makes the family’s condition worse, and puts everyone in trouble…