Honorary Awards

Academic Honorary Award: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Claus Roxin

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Claus Roxin, who is one of the most important names of criminal law in the world, was born on 15th May 1931 in Hamburg, Germany. He got his bachelor degree at Hamburg University. In 1954 he started to work at Hamburg University Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Philosophy of Law Department as a assistant student with Prof. Henkel. In 1959 he was accepted to Prof. Henkel’s department as an assistant. He became a assistant professor in 1962 at the same department at Hamburg University. In 1963 he started to give lectures at Göttingen University as a Distinguished Professor. He served as the dean at the same insitution between 1967-1968. From 1971 he gave lectures at Munich University on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law as a Distinguished Professor. Between 1973- 1974 he served as a dean. Then as of 1974 he served as the director of the Criminal Law Institute. He retired on 30th September 1999. He was honored with several honorary doctorates from 26 different universities. Profesör Roxin has made an important contributions to the Turkish Criminal Law Reform in 2005.

Cinema Honorary Award: Erden Kıral

He was born in April 10, 1942 in Gölcük and graduated from Istanbul Fine Arts Academy Ceramic Department. He wrote about cinema in many magazines including Gerçek Sinema and Çağdaş Sinema and directed many commercial films, short and feature films. His first feature film The Canal adapted from Yaşar Kemal’s Tin, won two prizes in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in 1978. In 1983, he adapted Ferit Edgü’s novel as A Season in Hakkari and the film won Special Jury Prize in Berlin Film Festival. He is a member of Germany Film and TV Directors Guild, Berlin Fine Arts Academy and among the founding members of the Cinema department of this institute. His latest feature Gece came out in 2014.

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