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Director: Süleyman Arda Eminçe

Country: Turkey

Year of release: 2018

Language – Screen time: DCP / Color / 83′ Turkish with English subtitles

Cast: Bülent Çolak, Koray Erkök, Altuğ Elveriş, Burak Sarımola, Emre Şen, Duygu Yıldız, Hamdi Alp, Kaan Songün, Enis Aybar, Efe Erdal, Tuğba Eskicioğlu, Emine Maltepe

Kadıköy Sineması
12.11.2018 11:30
14.11.2018 11:30

Celal and Buğra are two close friends sharing the same house. One morning while they are in deep sleep in their new house they unexpectedly taken into custody by Commissar Baran and his squad and suddenly found themselves in the center of an investigation as suspects. Commissar Baran and his squad who came to the house after an denouncement and order of prosecutor focused on these two whom they find weird and odd. As the building manager Mr. Arslan who involved in the event because of his title is facing the truth that he doesn’t know the newly moved neighbors he also make nothing of the coldblooded posture of them against the allegations. The search continues with new suspicions and the conversation between Baran and the two moves to another stage.

* With the participation of the film crew.