The idea of organising an “International Crime and Punishment Film Festival” in Istanbul originated with Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer and has been realised by the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University with the significant contribution of the staff at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law at Istanbul University in cooperation with film-makers, cinema artists, directors, writers, critics, academics, businessmen, and governmental and non-governmental organisations. Every year the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival explores important societal themes from the perspectives of the cinema art and science. Our Festival, combining the high-impact vision of international cinema and the deep-impact perspective of international science, and particularly law, was considered by our participants as being the first of its kind in the world.

The Festival aims to improve social awareness by communicating the repercussion of the relationship between crime and justice in cinema, contribute to social change by increasing communication, solidarity and cooperation, popularize the sense of equality and encourage people about it. The festival tries to contribute to scientific studies with academic activities. In addition to being a thematic film festival, maintaining an academic program together with an academic program adds to the festival’s unique character.

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