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Peter Chan

Wei Zhao, Bo Huang, Dawei Tong

sinemalarAtlas Sineması
16 Ekim 2015 -21.30

17 Ekim 2015 – 16.00


Bir Tanem

Shenzhen, southern China. When their 3-year old son Tianpeng goes missing, Tian Wen-jun and his ex-wife, Lu Xiao-juan, find their ordinary lives thrown into complete turmoil. Overwhelmed with guilt, they struggle to cope with the neverending nightmare that most people would be unable to comprehend. They comb through half the country in search of their child but to no avail. The waiting is the hardest thing to endure but they persevere, clinging to the faintest glimmer of hope – even if it comes in the form of a conman’s lie. Hope is the only thing that gives them a reason to live.