Cristophe M. Saber
Adel Ahdy ,Nour Gayed ,Garance Rohr ,Frank Semelet ¬,Leo Marroni, Florence Quartenoud, Yves Raeber ,Mehdi Djaadi, Nastassja Tanner, Gianfranco Poddighe, Camille Figuereo

sinemalarAtlas Sineması
19 Ekim 2015 – 13.00

18 Ekim 2015 – 16.00



It’s 9:30pm in a grocery store in Lausanne, Switzerland. The place is run by Egyptians. In a moment of anger, a father looses patience and disciplines his disobedient child. A shocked customer immediately intervenes to express her concern. Other customers join the conversation, they each put in their two cents and the staff is swamped. This discussion turns into a debate, which into quarrel. The situation gradually gets out of hand and into chaos…

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