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The Circle

Stefan Haupt
Stefan Haupt, Christian Felix, Ivan Madeo, Urs Frey

sinemalarAtlas Sineması
17 Ekim 2015 – 13.00

22 Ekim 2015 – 16.00


The Circle

Zürich in the mid 50’s: The young shy teacher Ernst Ostertag becomes a member of the gay organization DER KREIS. There he gets to know the transvestite star Röbi Rapp – and immediately falls head over heels in love with him. Röbi and Ernst live through the high point and the eventual decline of the organization, which in the whole of Europe is seen as the pioneer of gay emancipation. The film looks back from the present to the time when the “Mother” of all European homosexual organizations had its high point to the time it slowly fell apart.