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I am Najoom age 10 and Divorced

Khadija Al-Salami
Reham Mohammed
Yapımcı Producer
Lauren Mekhael

sinemalarAtlas Sineması
21 Ekim 2015 – 16.00

22 Ekim 2015 – 19.00


I am Najoom age 10 and Divorced 
Ben Najoom, 10 Yaşındayım ve Boşandım

A little girl walks into a court room, looks at the judge straight in the eye and tells him: « I want a divorce. » In Yemen, where there is no age requirement for marriage, ten-year-old Nojoom is forced to marry a 30-year-old man. The dowry offers the family a small income and one less mouth to feed. A legitimate and acceptable arrangement for all, except for Nojoom who will soon see her life take a turn for the worse.