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Labyrinth of Lies

Giulio Ricciarelli
Alexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Friederike Bect

sinemalarAtlas Sineması
21 Ekim 2015 – 19.00

22 Ekim 2015 – 21.30


Labyrinth of Lies
Yalan Labirenti

Germany 1958. Johann Radmann has just recently been appointed Public Prosecutor. When the journalist Thomas Gnielka causes a ruckus in the courthouse, Radmann pricks up his ears: a friend of Gnielka’s identified a teacher as a former Auschwitz guard. Against the will of his immediate superior, Radmann begins to examine the case – and lands in a web of repression and denial, but also of idealization. Only the Prosecutor General Fritz Bauer encourages Radmann’s curiosity. When Johann Radmann and Thomas Gnielka find documents that lead to the perpetrators, Bauer immediately recognizes how explosive they are and officially entrusts all further investigations to Radmann. The young prosecutor devotes himself with utmost commitment to his new task. But what he ultimately brings to light will change the country forever…