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Director: Hüseyin Karabey

Country: Turkey

Release: 2018

Language-Runtime: DCP / Color / 115’ Turkish with English subtitle

Cast: Caner Cindoruk, Gizem Erman Soysaldı, Settar Tanrıöğen

Beyoğlu Sineması
28.11.2019 – 21:30

City’s Nişantaşı
27.11.2019 – 16.30

The police captain tells the teacher, who had been held in
custody for the past 6 months for no apparent reason, that they will allow him to meet with his wife even though conjugal visits are restricted. In disbelief, the prisoner constantly questions the reason for this deed. The prisoner anticipates in the captain’s room for solitary moments with his wife, but his guest brings a different ethical problem into the equation that he would need to confront.

Adana International Golden Boll Film Festival
Best Supporting Actress
Jury Prize