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Please read the Festival Rules and Regulations below and fill in the Entry Form.



  •  ‘The International Crime and Punishment Film Festival’ will be held between the dates of 22 – 28 November 2019 in Istanbul.
  • Festival aims to draw attention to the relationship between cinema and justice within an international organization and is considered to be unique as it will be held for the very first time in the world. During the Festival, approximately 100 films – amongst which are feature films, documentary and short films- will meet the audience.
  • The Festival will screen the latest movies of acclaimed film-makers as well as recent independent and examples from both Turkish and World Cinema. During the festival, panel discussions on cinema and justice, exhibitions, workshops and concerts will take place in addition to the movie screenings.


  • In order to apply to International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, online entry form must be filled out.
  • Registration for the festival is free.
  • All preview DVDs (Pal) must be delivered to the festival office by August 02, 2019. Preview copy of the submitted film(s) on DVD /PAL to be sent by post. Web links will be rejected for the festival competitions sections.The pre-screening copy must be sent by the above-mentioned deadline to the Festival Center along with the registration form and the materials stated below:
  1. The DVD copy of the film with English subtitles (2 DVD Copy)
  2. A synopsis of the film
  3. A technical and artistic fact sheet of the film
  4. English subtitles and a dialog list of the film
  5. Press file, poster and stills of the film (min. 300 dpi)
  6. A resume, a filmography and a photograph of the director (min 300 dpi)
  7. Trailer of the film without subtitle or any logo, time-code etc. to be used in the
  • After official selection of a film the festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes for promotional purposes
  • The pre-screening copies and the printed materials submitted to the Festival will not be returned.
  • Films may be submitted by the filmmakers, producers, distributors or other legal representatives.
  • Festival accepts feature films, documentary films of all lengths, animations and short films.
  • Films must have English subtitles. The original copies of the films in the competition will be shown with English and Turkish subtitles. While being sent, the English subtitles of the films must be printed digitally on the film.
  • For the International Feature Film Competition and International Short Film Competition applicants should read Competition Rules and Regulations and check the completion option available on the Competition Application Form.


  • Films will be chosen by the Festival Committee. While choosing the films for festival program, The Festival Committee will focus on relevance of the films to the “Crime and Punishment” content and artistic quality.
  • Screening copies must be sent to the festival center by 1tst of October 2019.
  • The screening copies of the selected films must be provided in the following formats: (in case of feature films) DCP, (in case of documentary and short films) DCP, Digital Betacam/Pal, Betacam SP/Pal, HDCam/Pal or HD Hard Disk (suitable for cinema screenings)
  • General scheduling and the timetabling of the public screenings and the press & industry screenings are entirely at the discretion of the festival management.
  • After the submitter is notified about film´s official selection, the entry form data of all selected films will be processed and published at the www.icapff.com and the Festival Catalogue.
  • Hence we kindly ask you to fill in all the information on the entry form as precisely as possible to avoid mistakes in the database and Festival catalogue.
  • If there are any changes after submitting film, please keep us updated. A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the program after August 2, 2019.

Please read the relevant regulations forms of competition sections.



  • Festival will cover the freights, customs and storage expenses of the 35 mm prints for both ways. If print would be shared to another festival, the festival will only pay for one way expenses.

Registration and participation of a film in the Festival imply the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for participation. On matters that are not stated separately in the Regulations, the final authority of decision belongs to the Festival Committee.

Festival Center
Teşvikiye Caddesi.Derbi Apt. No: 57 Kat: 3  Teşvikiye-Şişli/Istanbul-TURKEY
Phone: +90 212 296 01 71