International Feature Film Competition Regulations


22 – 28 November 2019



  • The  Festival’ will be held between the dates of 22 – 29 November 2019.
  • An International Feature Film Competition will be held during the Festival. Only films that address the Festival general theme is ‘’Justice’’ will be eligible to enter.
  • Only films that have been completed after 01 January 2018 can enter.
  • The competition is open to any fiction film and animation film with a minimum running time of 60 minutes. (and suitable for screening in movie theatres)
  • Only films that didn’t win any “Best Film” award in the past are eligible for competition.
  • Films that have been previously screened publicly, broadcasted on television prior to the Festival in Istanbul, which are available for purchase on DVD, or available for continuous online viewing in their entirety, are not eligible.
  • Application deadline for the competition is Friday, 02 August 2019.


  • In order to enter the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, online entry form must be filled out completely. International Feature Film Competition applicants should read the Rules and Regulations. Two copies of the film in DVD (Pal) format and digital link should be posted to the Festival Office.
  • During the Festival, a Grand Jury will select the ‘Best Film’. The director of the ‘Best Film’ will be granted with ‘Golden Scales Award’ and prize money.
  • All feature films in a language other than English must have English subtitles. For each selected film, the applicants will be asked to send the English and original language dialogue lists.
  • Productions in all kinds of formats are eligible to enter the competition. However, screening copies must be in DCP. The Festival will not screen films in other formats.
  • The copy of the film should be suitable for screening in terms of picture and sound quality. Poorly recorded films may be eliminated by the Committee without any notification.
  • The original title of the film, director’s name and must be clearly and legibly written on submitted DVD copies.
  • All preview copies should be sent to the Festival office by Friday, 02 August 2019.
  • During the evaluation process, a preliminary jury will select up to 10 films for competition.
  • Screening copies must be sent to the festival center by 01 October 2019, till 18:00.
  • The preview copy of the film together with the completed entry form and following materials should be sent by e-mail in digital format to the Festival center before the application deadline.


  1. DVD Copy of the film with English subtitles (2 copies)
  2. Synopsis
  3. Complete list of production credits
  4. English and original language subtitles and dialogue lists.
  5. Press kit, poster and some stills form the film (300 dpi min.).
  6. Director’s bio, filmography and director’s photo (300 dpi min).
  7. Trailer of the film without subtitle or any logo, time-code etc. to be used in the Festival Trailer


  • A preliminary jury made up of 3 people will watch the films and select up to 10 films for the competition section.
  • Pre-selection results will be announced on the Festival website and the applicant will be notified via e-mail.
  • During the Festival, a Grand Jury made up of at three to five people will select the ‘Best Film’.
  • Festival Committee will select the jury members
  • During the Festival, a jury member may watch the films in the movie theaters or special screenings, together with the other jurors or on her/his own.
  • Festival Committee will assign an observer who doesn’t have a right to vote, to attend the Jury evaluation meeting. The results will be submitted to the Festival committee with a signed copy of justification document.
  • Grand Jury will solely evaluate the Best Film and is obliged to select the Best Film among the competition nominees. If deemed necessary, the Grand Jury can allocate the prize to two separate films. Best  Film’ will be granted with ‘Golden Scales Award’ and 10.000 €⁄EURO prize money.
  • The winner is obliged to attend the Award ceremony to claim his/her reward.
  • The prize money will be paid by 31st of December 2019.
  • The submitted DVD copies of the films will not be returned and will be kept/stored in the Festival archives
  • During the Festival, the movie screenings of the competing films will be made in DCP format regardless of their original formats.
  • For more information about the transportation of screening copies, please read the Festival Rules & Regulations carefully.
  • The transportation and accommodation expenses of contestants who do not reside in Istanbul, will be covered by the Festival. The number of invitees will be determined by the Festival committee.
  • Directors of the competing films are obliged to attend press meetings, interviews and discussion sessions specified by The Festival Committee.


  • By filling out the online entry form, the applicants agree to accept and be bound by all terms of the Festival competition rules and regulations, set forth herein.

The Festival Executive Committee is responsible for resolving all issues that are beyond the scope of Festival rules & regulations and disputes or disagreements that might occur.

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