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The Portrait


The Portrait

Director: Ali Rıza Erdemir

Release: Turkey, 2020

Language – Runtime: DCP / B&W / 15’ Turkish with English subtitles


Cast: Hilmi Özçelik, Alize Çalık, Sergen Deveci, Nefi Arıman, Nuray Kanal, Efe Arıman

Nefi, who lives in a small village of Rize, is about forced marry a man who is older than herself. Mesut ağa, who wants to marry Nefi, requests a photograph from her family. He says that he would come and get her if he likes. In this way, Nefi, who is a woman who has never been taken in a photo before, goes to the photographer with her father Hasan. “Vesikalık,” tells the story of the photograph which is hidden in a photographer’s window we pass by every day.