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Schedule – 3 October 2016 Monday

11:00 Short Film Anthology 2
Angelus Novus, Sleepover, Nursing Home, Weird Times
  Atlas Movie Theatre
11:00 Short Film Anthology 1
35, Beyond The Walls, Jada, My Pastel World, Egg
  Feriye Movie Theatre
13:00  Violators   Atlas Movie Theatre
13:00  Nakom   Feriye Movie Theatre
16:00  Magallanes   Atlas Movie Theatre
16:00  The Grapes Of Wrath   Feriye Movie Theatre
19:00  The Violin Teacher   Atlas Movie Theatre
19:00  Somersault in a Coffin   Feriye Movie Theatre
21:30  Soy Nero   Atlas Movie Theatre
21:30  Ma’Rosa   Feriye Movie Theatre

* Screening will be made with participation of film crew.