İsmail Karadaş

Born in 1950, Karadaş started out as an assistant sound operator at Acar Films in 1966 and continued as optical and magnetic film recording operator. In 1970 he started working as a studio sound operator. Between 1975 and 1980 he worked as a technical director and sound operator at Turkish News Agency in addition to doing positive – negative film montages. He worked as a sound technician, cameraman and editor in national and international TV shows. After 1988, including The Gulf War, he worked in south-eastern Turkey as a cameraman, soundman and editor. In 1995 he worked as a sound operator in France and Macedonia in feature films, short films and commercials. He was a sound operator for the documentaries Atatürk, Fenerbahçe, Nemrut: Throne of the Gods and Erdemir.