30th Anniversary / The Night, Melek and Our Gang

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30th Anniversary / The Night, Melek and Our Gang


Gece, Melek Ve Bizim Çocuklar

The Night, Melek and Our Gang

DCP / Renkli Color / 97’

Turkish With English Subtitles

Türkiye, 1993


Atıf Yılmaz


Derya Arbaş, Deniz Türkali, Uzay Heparı, Deniz Atamtürk, Kaan Girgin, Mehmet Teoman, Candan Erçetin

Directed by Atıf Yılmaz and written by Yıldırım Türker, “The Night, Melek and Our Gang” will take part in the 13th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, which will be held between November 17-23 in memory of its 30th anniversary.

The paths of sex worker Serap and her future roommate Fulya, a trans who has fled her hometown and come to Istanbul, Melek, who has recently been released from prison and is platonically in love with bar manager Remzi, and Hakan, Serap’s lover, cross one night in Beyoğlu. “Night, Angel and Our Gang,” one of the first films in Turkish cinema where queer vernacular was heard, has taken its place among the  outstanding films of Turkish cinema. It is known for its realistic narrative, cast and music, which depicts the social life of transvestites, sex workers and other marginalized subculture people in the 1990s.

Gösterim Screening
Kadıköy Sineması 19.11.2023 12:30
Atlas 1948 Sineması 21.11.2023 14:30
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