The International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, founded by Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer and still under his chairmanship, is a themed festival which aims to make a cultural impact on the theme of justice, using art and science’s impactful language and to enrich the socio-cultural life, regarding people’s rights and freedom.

The festival, which started in 2011 for the first time, has created a wide scientific discussion platform with the representatives of cinema, law, psychology, sociology, political science and non-governmental organizations, by meeting the justice themed films from the world cinema with the audience.

Other than the film screenings, competitions and the discussion program, which were formed with the justice volunteers who support the festival from all around the world, with the VisionIST, which was aimed towards the film industry, the festival is trying to support filmmakers and to contribute to the cinema sector.

The festival which preserves the title of being a thematic festival and brings together an academic platform with the cinema world, encourage the audience to think about and discuss justice, and make decisions for the future with the participation of the academicians and filmmakers every year in Istanbul. Festival’s motto, which has been maintained for 13 years, is “Justice For All”.

Festival Activities

International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition

International Golden Scale Short Film Competition

International Golden Scale Short Documentary Film Competition

The Scale of Justice

Law And Criminal Justice International Academic Program

VisionIST Industry Days