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Academic Program

  1. Academıc program of the 11th Internatonal Crime and Punishment Film Festival

    Envıronmental Justıce For All

    26 NOVEMBER – 2 DECEMBER 2021



    FIRST DAY 26.11.2021 FRIDAY

    REGISTRATION 08.00-09.00


    09.00 – 09.20

    Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer

    President of the Internatonal Crime and Punishment Film Festival

    Prof. Dr. Ömer Ekmekçi

    Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Law

    Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak

    Rector of Istanbul University Faculty of Law


    09.20 – 09.50

    Sargun Ali Tont – Honor Award Recipient – The Evaluation of Crime in the Context of Ecology

    Break 09.50 – 10.00

    1st SESSION 10.00-11.20

    Moderator: Faruk Kerem Giray

    – Agnes Michelot (Online) –  One Health In Environmental Law

    – Volkan Aslan (In Person) – Turkish Constitution and Environmental Protection: An Amendment Proposal in Light of Comparative Examples

    – Almas Jiwani (In Person) The Connection Between Human Rights and Environmental Law

    Break 11.20 – 11.30


    11.30 – 11.40

    Outstanding Contribution to Criminal Law Reform & Human Rights Award

    Presenting of Award: Almas Jiwani – Emeritus UN Women Canada and Almas Jiwani Foundation

    Recipient of Award: Adem Sözüer – Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Department of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law and Criminal Law and Criminology Research and Application Center

    2nd SESSION 11.40 – 13.00

    Moderator: Adem Sözüer

    – Ali İhsan Öztekin (Online) – Legislation on Environmental Protection for Future Generations

    – Ziya Koç (Online) – Possible Effects of Climate Change on the Criminal Justice System

    – Cüneyt Yüksel (Online) – Past, Today and Tomorrow of International Law in Combating the Climate-Crisis

    Break 13.00 – 14.00

    3rd SESSION 14.00-15.20

    Moderator: Mahmut Koca

    – Derya Tekin (In Person) – The Birth and Rise of Green Criminology

    – Muammer Ketizmen /Arzu Balan (Online)  – An Legal Protected Value at the Offences of Against the Environment A View From the Green Criminology Perspective

    – Tülay Kitapçıoğlu Yüksel (In Person) – Investigation of Environmental Crimes Within The Frame of Classification of Area of Principal Participant

    Break 15.20-15.30

    4th SESSION 15.30-16.30

    Moderator: Murat Önok

    Raquella Thaman (Online) How Does the Human Right to Water Protect Vulnerable Populations? A California Case Study of a Global Question

    – Sevi Bakım (In Person) – Water Right and Evaluation of Acts to be Qualified as Violation of Water Right in Terms of Turkish Criminal Code


    SECOND DAY – 27.11.2021 SATURDAY

    5th SESSION 09.00 – 10.20

    Moderator: İbrahim Kaya

    Nadezhda Zaslavskaya (Online) Actual Legal Problems of Environmental Management in Russia

    – Rumeysa Partalcı (Online) – Development of International Conventions on Climate Change

    – Marc Thommen (In Person) Whistleblowing for the Global Climate

    Break 10.20 – 10.30

    6th SESSION 10.30 – 11.50

    Moderator: Mehmet Maden

    – Nataly Gutorova (In Person) –  Food Safety and Criminal Law

    – Erdal Yerdelen/ Burak Taş (Online) – Food Fraud in the Scope of Food Security

    – Hatice Kırantepe (In Person) – A Review of Different Approaches to Global Food Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Break 11.50 – 12.00

    7th SESSION 12.00 – 13.00

    Moderator: Zafer İçer

    – Erkan Sarıtaş (In Person) – Crime of Importing, Manufacturing or Release to Environment of GMO Products in Contrary to Biosafety Law (Law no.5977 Art.15/1)

    – Havva Begüm Tokgöz (In Person) – Criminal Liability arising from GMO’s and its products obtained in accordance with Biosafety Law

    THIRD DAY 28.11.2021 SUNDAY

    8th SESSION 09.30-10.50

    Moderator: M. Buhari Çetinkaya

    – Hazal Algan Canseven (In Person) –Evaluation of Öneryıldız v. Turkey Application in the Context of the Right to Live in a Healthy Environment

    – Emre Yılmaz/ Nisa Nur Sevinç (In Person) – Co-Evaluation Of Climate Justice And Intergenerational Discrimination Concepts

    – Özgür Özdemir (In Person) – Effects of the Climate Crisis on the Right to Life in the Context of Positive and Negative Obligations

    Break 10.50-11.00


    11.00- 13.00

    Moderators: Krisztina Karsai/ Liane Wörner


    International Law Students Association (ILSA)

    – Beyza Erdemir/ Dilara Can/ Ecem Kuş/ Eylül Atasoy

    Criminal Justice and Criminology Law Club

    – Ali Emre Sandıkçı/ Sena Güneş/ Kemal Can Aydın/ Nur Beril Nalbantoğlu

    Mentors: M. Buhari Çetinkaya/ Eren Sözüer/ Yağmur Altay

    FOURTH DAY 29.11.2021 MONDAY

    9th SESSION 09.00 – 10.40

    Moderator: Cemil Kaya

    – Çağla Tansuğ (Online) – Role of Administration in Waste Management

    – Süheyla Suzan Gökalp Alıca (In Person) – Supervision Authority and Responsibility of the Administration in the Protection of the Environment

    – Altan Rençber/ Şerif Emre Gökçay (Online) – Taxes in Combating Global Climate Change

    – Ramazan Arıtürk (In Person) – Regional Risk Map and Environmental Protection in Cooperation with Criminal Law and Tax Law

    Break 10.40-10.50

    10th SESSION 10.50 – 12.10

    Moderator: Ali Kemal Yıldız

    – Pınar Memiş Kartal (Online) – Article 183 of Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 Crime of Causing Noise

    – Gökhan Ölmez (Online) – Scope of the Intent and Application of Mistake Provisions with Regard to Causing Noise 

    – Elif Naz Arıkan (In Person) – A Journey from Anthropocentric Approaches Towards Ecological Approaches in Human Rights: Changing Perceptions Towards Environmental Claims and Their Possible Impact on Noise Pollution Cases


    FIFTH DAY 30.11.2021 TUESDAY

    11th SESSION 09.00-10.20

    Moderator: Kerim Çakır

    – Faruk Yasin Turinay (In Person) –The Crime of Taking Cultural and Natural Properties Abroad in Terms of the Protection of the Cultural Environment Through Criminal Law

    – Özge Apiş (Online) – Legal Character of EIA Reports in terms of Criminal Law and Criminal Liability for Issuing a False EIA Report

    – Ali Tanju Sarıgül (Online) – An Assessment on the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Entities with Respect to the Environmental Crimes

    Break 10.20 – 10.30

    12th SESSION 10.30-11.30

    Moderator:  Rahime Erbaş

    – Melek Yaşar (Online) – An Evaluation of Forest Fires in the Context of Constitutional Regulations and Related Types of Crimes in Law No. 6831

    – Yiğit Yeniyetişme (In Person) – Protection of the Forest Area in Respect of Paris Convention and Turkish Criminal Law

    Break 11.30-11.40

    13th SESSION 11.40-13.00

    Moderator: Sertaç Işıka

    – Erdem İzzet Külçür (Online) – The Issue of Determining the Legal Value for the Protection of Pet and Stray Animals

    – Nureddin Bozalan (Online) – An Examination on the Law Amending the Animal Protection Law No. 5199 and the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237

    • Sena İspirli (In Person) – As A Cause of Crime: ‘Environment’


    SIXTH DAY 01.12.2021 WEDNESDAY

    14th SESSION 09.00-10.20

    Moderator: Tuba Kelep Pekmez

    – Kenan Evren Yaşar (In Person) – Damage Reduction Principle in Terms of Environmental Criminal Law and Its Consequences: Evaluation of Current European Union Regulations

    – Fatih Yurtlu/Zeynep Esra Tarakçıoğlu (In Person) – Organized Environmental Crime: “Eco Mafia” With the Dimension of Criminology and Criminal Law

    – Yağmur Müge Erdoğan (Online) – Victims of Environmental Crimes in the Turkish Criminal Code

    Break 10.20 – 10.30


    15th SESSION 10.30-11.50

    Moderator: Serdar Talas

    – Neslihan Göktürk/Ali Şahin Kılıç (Online) –Issues Related to the Question of when the Crime is Committed in the Context of Pollution Caused By Construction (TCC art. 184/1)

    – Suzan Arslan (Online) –Determination Of Criminal Pollution In Criminal Law And Its Effect On Zoning Amnesty

    – Ömer E. Egeliği (In Person) – Noise And Light Pollution In The Light Of The Jurisdiction Of The European Court Of Human Rights



    16th SESSION 09.00-10.20

    Moderator: A. Batuhan Baytaz

    – M. Buhari Çetinkaya (In Person) – Ecocide

    – Merve Küçük (Online) – International Triableness of Individuals for Environmental Damages

    – Ezgi Çırak (Online) – Is There a Space for Environmental crimes under the International Criminal Court? The Impact of the Office of the Prosecutor Policy Paper on Case Selection and Prioritization dated 2016 on Current Jurisdiction

    Break 10.20 – 10.30

    17th SESSION 10.30-11.50

    Moderator: Elif Ergüne

    – Levent Emre Özgüç (Online) – The Crime of Intentional Pollution of the Environment in the Turkish Criminal Code numbered 5237

    – Recep Kahraman (Online) – Evaluation of Compatibility of the Negligent Pollution of the Environment Regulated in the Turkish Penal Code Numbered 5237 with the 2008 European Union Council Directive

    – Zahit Yılmaz (Online) – Electromagnetic Pollution in Terms of Criminal Law

    Break 11.50 – 12.00

    18th SESSION 12.00-13.20

    Moderator: Sabahattin Nal

    – Olgu Özdemir (In Person) – Legal Status Of Environmental Assets: Comparative Evaluation Of Free Market Environmentalism, Sustainable Development And Ecological Law Approaches

    – Ceren Ertürk Özdemir (In Person) – Assessment on The Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee

    – Emine Aslan (Online) – A New Way of Protecting Nature Through the Constitution: Andean Constitutionalism