18- 24 NOVEMBER 2022



REGISTRATION 08.00-09.00


09.00 – 09.20

Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer

President of the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival

Doç. Dr. Mehtap Demir Güven

Istanbul University Director of Women’s Studies Application and Research Center

Prof. Dr. Ömer Ekmekçi

Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak

Rector of Istanbul University



Moderator: Bengi Semerci

Sahraa Karimi: Women in Afganistan Justice for Afghan Women

Ehlimana Memisevic: Rape As A Weapon Of War And Genocide: Case Study Of The Eastern Bosnian Town Višegrad

Nurdeniz Tuncer: Gender Inequality from East to West

Break: 10.15-10.30


Saadet Yüksel

Judge of the European Court of Human Rights

Break 10.30 – 10.45

1st SESSION 10.45-12.00

Moderator: Adem Sözüer

Gülay Arslan Öncü: CEDAW in Gender and Discrimination Cases: An Assessment of Potential and Effectiveness in the Context of Individual Complaint Application and Investigation Procedures

Volkan Aslan: Evaluation of the Council of State Decisions on the Decision on the Withdrawal of the Istanbul Convention for the Republic of Turkey

Gökçeçiçek Ayata: The Women’s Movement’s Struggle for Equality: Istanbul Convention Cases

Q&A: 11.45-12.00

Lunch Break: 12.00 –13.30


2nd SESSION 13.30-14.45

Moderator: Hüseyin Altaş

Recep Kahraman: The Problem Of Perceiving Unjust Provocation As An Example Of Gender Inequality İn The Willful Murder Against Women 

Ayşe Özkan Duvan: Positive Discrimination, Protectionist Provisions and Reverse Discrimination in Ensuring Gender Equality

Nuray Karaoğlu: Lack of Women Representation in Politics

Q&A: 14.30-14.45

Break: 14.45 – 15.00

3th SESSION 15.00-16.15

Moderator: Tuba Kelep Pekmez

Kanita Pruscanovic: Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Overview of the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention

Zeljko Nikac-Branko Lestanin: Women In The Police Of The Republic Of Serbia As An Expression Of Equality In The Community  (Online)

Anna Maria Getôs-Kalac & Petra Sprem: From The Due Diligence Standard To The ‘Osman Test’ Regarding Domestic Violence Cases – An İllusion Of Greater Protection? (Online)

Q&A:16.00 – 16.15

Break:16.15 – 17.00

4th SESSION 17.00-18.15

Moderator: Volkan Aslan

Özlem Altıok: Women’s Platform for Equality, Turkey and its defense of the Istanbul Convention from Zoom to the Courtroom  (Online)

Rosalyn Park: The Anti-Gender Movement and Backlash to Women’s Human Rights and the Istanbul Convention  (Online)

Julia McReynolds-Pérez: Argentina’s Feminist Movement and the Legalization of Abortion (Online)



5th SESSION 09.00-10.40

Moderator: Serdar Talas

Neslihan Can, Abdurrahman Burak Karahan: Prosecution Ex Officio Of Crimes Committed Between Spouses And Its Effects On Criminal Proceedings In Context Of Domestic Violence

Cansu Koç Başar:  Were We Equal? Gender Equalıty From Ancient Greek To Modern State

Pınar Bacaksız:  Are We Equal in Dispensing Justice? Equality Between Men and Women in Terms of the Profession of Judge

Seda Yağmur Sümer: Will We Be Equal in the Future? The Position of Women in the Face of Developing Technology: An Evaluation on Crimes Against Sexual Immunity in Online Games and the Concept of Consent


THIRD DAY – 20.11.2022 SUNDAY

6th SESSION 09.00-10.40

Moderator: Büşra Demiral Bakırman

Buket Abanoz-Öztürk: Evaluation of Gender Gap in Crime and Female Criminality

Arzu Erkan: Intergenerational Transmission of Domestic Violence from an Equality Perspective

İrem Ünal: Coping Processes of Women Victims of Domestic Violence

Ramazan Zeyrek: Examination of Violence Against Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey in terms of Routine Activities Theory



7th SESSION 09.00-10.15

Moderator: Elif Ergüne

Nesrin Yıldız:  Examination of the Intentional Killing Crime with the Motivation of Tradition in terms of Unjust Provocation in the Decisions of Şanlıurfa Assize Courts

Melike Sevim Aynural: Obligations and Liability of the Administration Relating to Violence Against Women

Muharrem Kılıç: The Role of National Human Rights and Equality Institutions in Ensuring Gender Equality

Q&A: 10.00 – 10.15

Break: 10.15 – 10.30

8th SESSION 10.30-11.45

Moderator: Derya Tekin

Tülay Kitapçıoğlu-Yüksel:  Examination of the Problems in Implementing Extenuating Circumstances in Crimes Against Women

Selin Türkoğlu: The Victim Rights and the Problem Of Impunity From The Perspective Of Violence Against Women And Discrimination

Mualla Buket Soygüt: Gender-Based Violence and Problem of Impunity In the Context of State’s Positive Obligations

Q&A: 11.30 – 11.45


Erasmus Students Panels / Blue Hall (M2) 09.00-14.00

Presentations by Erasmus Students – in German

Comparative Examples from Turkish and German Criminal Law Legislation from the Perspective of Equality

Facilitators: Adem Sözüer / Inês Fernandes Godinho /Anu Sivaganesan

Moderators: Adem Sözüer /Muhammed Demirel/Rahime Erbaş/Sertaç Işıka/Ömer Metehan Aynural/Kanita Pruscanovic

9th SESSION 09.00-10.15

Moderator: Mehmet Maden

Cafer Erdem Umudum: An Investigation on the Regulation on Postponement of the Execution of a Prison Sentence Due to Childbirth

Büşra Erdem: The Concept of Coercive Control as a Type of Domestic Violence and Its Reflections on Turkish Criminal Law

Begüm Nur Kalıpçıoğlu: Forced Sterilization Of Women As A Type Of Intersectional Discrimination

Q&A: 10.00-10.15

Break: 10.15-10.30

10th SESSION 10.30-11.45

Moderator: Buhari Çetinkaya

Abdullah Batuhan Baytaz, Pınar Özcan, Adem Sözüer: Examination of the Battered Women Syndrome and Criminal Liability Debates in the Context of Gender Equality in terms of Women Who Are Victims of Continuous Violence Who Kill Their Partners

Inês Fernandes Godinho: Female Genital Mutilation and European Identity: gender (in)equality?

Anu Sivaganesan: Family has no Honour: Cultural Offense and Defence from a Legal Perspective

Q&A: 11.30-11.45

Break11.45 – 12.00

11th SESSION 12.00-13.15

Moderator: Eylem Aksoy Retornaz

Yasemin Işıktaç:  Unequal; Discrimination against Disabled Woman

Ülkü Olcay Uykun Altıntaş: The Right To Safe Abortion In Turkey In The Light Of ECHR and TCC Case-Law

Tuba Akçura Karaman: Woman’s Right to Abortion

Q&A: 13.00-13.15


12th SESSION 09.00-10.15

Moderator: Özlem Yenerer Çakmut

Aras Türay: An Assessment Regarding The Commiting the Crime Against Women As A Qualified Form In The Turkish Penal Code (Especially In The Context Of Law No. 7406)

Özlem Yenerer Çakmut-Anıl Akyıldız: Evaluation of the Language Used in Judicial Decisions in Terms of Gender Equality

Büşra Demiral Bakırman: Stalking Offense

Q&A: 10.00 – 10.15

Break 10.15 – 10.30

13th SESSION 10.30-11.45

Moderator: Arzu Arıdemir

Nil Karabağ: The Consequences of Fault Principle Against Gender Equality in Contested Divorce Cases in the Light of the Fundamental Principles of European Family Law on Divorce and Post-Divorce Alimony Obligation (CEFL)

Cansu Kaya-Kızılırmak: Evaluation of Poverty Alimony in the Axis of Gender Equality and Positive Discrimination Concepts

Nazan Moroğlu: Marital Property Regimes in the Civil Code

Q&A: 11.30 – 11.45

Break: 11.45-13.00

14th SESSION 13.00-14.15

Moderator: Ömer Ekmekçi

Ayşe Ledün Akdeniz: “Menstruation Leave” for Female Employees (An Evaluation from the Perspective of Equality)

Hilal Yılmaz: General Framework of Regulations on the Protection of Women in Working Life

Hazal Tolu: The Impact of the Regulation Granting the Right to Severance Pay for Female Employees who Terminate their Employment Contract due to the Marriage on Women’s Working Life

Q&A14.00 – 14.15

Break: 14.15 – 14.30

PANEL 14.30-15.15

Problems of Women Working in the Maritime Sector in terms of the Principle of Equality

Moderator: Çağlar Coşkunsu

Dilruba Söylemez

Nergiz Daşlıçay

15th SESSION 15.15-16.30

Moderator: Seda Özmumcu

Ayşe Öncül: Different Approaches To Divorce By Gender In Early Rome: Ruga Case

Serpil Işık: The Issue of Whether Illegal Evidence Obtained by Spouses Can Be Used in Divorce Cases: Evaluations within the Scope of Equality of Parties Applicable in Civil Procedure Law

Seyran Gümüşoğlu-Zafer İçer: From The Perspective Of Gender Equality: Algorithmic Gender Discrimination

Q&A: 15.15-15.30


Atatürk Cultural Center, Yeşilçam Cinema

Istanbul University Faculty Of Law Student Clubs Film Analysis Forum 09.30-12.00

09.00-09.30 Registration

Moderators: Adem Sözüer/Yağmur Altay/ Pınar Özcan

Criminal Justice and Criminology Club

International Law Society

Women’s Rights Club

Cinema Club

Closing Speech

12.00-12.10 Adem Sözüer