Aramak için yazın




Director: Rufat Alizade

Country: Turkey/ Azerbaijan

Release: 2020

Language – Runtime: DCP /  Color / 06′

Turkish with English subtitles

Cast: Şahsenem Sima Öztürk, Ünzile Atış, Remzi Ataman, Serdar Alp Öztürk, İsmail Ahmet Turgut.

During the war, Arzu chases her balloon which she’s lost. When she was searching for the balloon, her mother was looking for her. When the war was continuing with all its violence, all Arzu had in her mind was her balloon. Arzu regains her balloon, which got caught to a tree’s branch, with the help of a soldier and runs home. While Arzu and her mother hide themselves from the enemy soldiers, the house gets raided and all of the balloons in the village rise to the sky.