Feature Film Competition Jury

The Jury of 7th International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition

feride-cicekogluFeride Çiçekoğlu has a background in architecture, literature and film. After getting her Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania, she started her teaching career in the field of architecture in Turkey but she was imprisoned during the military junta of 1980 because of her political opposition. The stint in prison was the inspiration for her first book Don’t Shoot Them Shoot the Kite, which she later adapted to screen. Çiçekoğlu continued to write for screen, and she built a new teaching career in film. Currently she is the director of the Film and Television Department at Istanbul Bilgi University.

selman-dursunSelman Dursun graduated from Istanbul University, Law Faculty.
 In 2002, he got the master degree and in 2009, he got Phd degree in Public Law. He was assigned as assistant professor. He currently works as academic member at Istanbul University.



demet-evgarBorn in Manisa, Turkey, on May 19th, 1980, Demet Evgar started acting at the age of 17 with the amateur theatre group, ‘Afsem Theatre’. Her first ever stage appearance was in the Ray Cooney play: ‘It runs in the Family’. While studying at the National Theatre School at Istanbul University, Evgar formed a theater group with her friends, named ‘Tiyatro Kılçık’. While working within the group as an actor, she also contributed her writing skills and served as a playwriter. Evgar later performed at the well-known ‘Kenter Theater’, in the play ‘The Blue Room’, and added to her resume with award winning performances in classic plays such as ‘Anna Karenina’, ‘Cimri’ and ’39 Basamak’. She continued to act in local productions at ‘Tiyatro Kılçık’. In 2007, Evgar appeared in the stage production of ‘Rock Musical’. Her later performances at the ‘Pangar Theater’, which she formed in 2012, included masterpieces such as ‘Macbeth’ and ‘King Lear’. Evgar added to her already wide acting range by successfully portraying complex characters.  Her transition into mainstream TV and big screen acting seemed effortless and smooth thanks to her solid foundation in theater. She appeared in many TV Shows such as ‘Aslı ile Kerem’, ‘Bütün Çocuklarım’, and ‘Emret Komutanım’, and a number of successful movies such as ‘Banyo’, ‘Beyza’nın Kadınları’, ‘Güneşi Gördüm’, and ‘Yahşi Batı’.

Demet Evgar worked with director Onur Ünlü in the 2013 movie, ‘Sen Aydınlatırsın Geceyi’, and recently teamed up with him once again for his new film, ‘Aşkın Gören Gözlere İhtiyacı Yok’. She also recently shot another movie named ‘Sofra Sırları’. Evgar is currently busy performing the plays ‘39 Basamak’ and ‘Kozalar’ at multiple locations with her theater company, ‘Pangar Tiyatrosu’. ‘Kozalar’ has made its premier at the ‘Avignon Theatre Festival’ which is amongst the world’s top theatre festivals.

tarik-tufanTarık Tufan was born in1973, Istanbul and studied Philosophy at Istanbul University then finished master degree on Sociology brunch at Marmara University Middle East Institute. He worked as a program producerat many tv and radio programs. He has been writing essay and narrative story, besides documentary and film scenario since 2000.



barry-wardBorn in Dublin, Barry Ward began his career at age 14 with BBC drama, Family. By the age of 16 he had completed a BBC six-part series Plotlands. In his first feature, he played against Cillian Murphy.


Besides his television and movie roles, he acted in many theatre productions. In 2014, he has recieved rave reviews from critics and audiences for his role in Ken Loach film Jimmy’s Hall which competed for Palme d’Or in Cannes Film Festival. With his role in the 5 episode mini-series Rebellion he was nominated for Best Actor in a Lead Role in Drama award in Irish Film and Television Awards in 2016. His last film Maze, directed by Stephen Burke, is completed in 2017.