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Feature Film Competition Jury

The Jury of 6th International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition

Isa Qosja (born in Vusanje, FPR Yugoslavia in 1949) is an Albanian film director. He teaches at the University of Pristina in Pristina. His brother is the novelist Rexhep Qosja.
Qosja Isa is the author of many artistic and documentary films, among the best known is “Proka” which has featured in many international festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival. His second feature film, Rojat e mjegullës (1988) dealt with the suffering and treatment of Albanians in time of the great communist repression.
In 2005 he directed Kukumi. In 2014 he directed Three Windows and a Hanging, which became the first Kosovan film to be submitted for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Tree Windows and a Hanging won the International Golden Scale Feature Film awards in 5th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival.

Born in 13 June 1958 in Ankara, Füsun Demirel graduated from Perugia University’s Italian Language and Culture Faculty in 1979.
After her graduation, she started her career as an actress in Vasıf Öngören’s theater play “Zengin Mutfağı” at the collective theater company in West Berlin, which she founded and ran with Vasif Öngören in 1980.
Prior to this experience, she began to work as an actress in different theater companies like Çevre Tiyatrosu, Dormen Tiyatrosu, Devekuşu Kabare and Dostlar Tiyatrosu.
In 1984, with “Bir Yudum Sevgi” a movie directed by Atıf Yılmaz, she began her professional career in cinema.
As she took part in more than 50 movies including Züğürt Ağa, Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur?, Uçurtmayı Vurmasınlar, Berdel, Büyük Adam Küçük Aşk Mem û Zin, Eğreti Gelin, Carina’nın Günlüğü, Aaahh Belinda İçimdeki Ses, and also appeared in numerous TV series like Sıdıka, Şaşıfelek Çıkmazı, Tatlı Bela Fadime, Tövbeler Tövbesi, Küstüm Çiçeği, Yalan Dünya, she was rewarded with 12 awards from various National Film Festivals.
She translated 27 theater play of Dario Fo-Franca Rame, and nowadays she is staging “Love Lessons” which she translated and adapted for 2016 season.
She rewarded with Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in “Büyük Adam Küçük Aşk” in 2001 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
She founded a publishing house called “Açılım Yayınevi” with her husband Nurettin Şen.Füsun Demirel fluently speaks İtalian, English and German and works as a translator. She was the head of ÇASOD, Çağdaş Sinema Oyuncuları Derneği in 1996 and worked as secreteray-general in Oyuncular Meslek Birliği’s (OYUNCUBİR) board of directors.

İsmail Güneş was born in Samsun in 1962. In 1986 he shot his first feature film ‘Before the Sun Rises’. With this movie, the loneliness of people on earth, a person’s inner darkness and stories of their journey became the main themes that he emphasizes.
Following ‘Where the Rose Wilted’ and ‘Nothing Else Left to Be Said’, the final movie of Güneş’s triology ‘Where the Fire Burns’ won the Grand Prix des Amériques award. During the same festival, it also won the Fipresci Prize. In 2012, it was Turkey’s official submission for Best Foreing Language Film in the Academy Awards.
He is currently carrying out post production work on his movie ‘Convoy 1915’ which is about the relocation of Armenian citizens to the South of the country by the Ottoman government.

Mert Fırat was born in Ankara in 1981. After graduating from high school, he went to Sweden to receive training in radio and television. Later he moved back to Ankara and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography. He has starred in a series of television programs and movies since 2005. He also played the lead role in the film “Love in Another Language”, the script of which was written by Fırat himself along with the director İlksen Başarır. Fırat also wrote the script for the film titled “Atlıkarınca” (Merry-go-round). Fırat, who has been involved in theater for many years performing on various stages is also one of the founders of Bursa SANATMAHAL and MODA STAGE, still performs in striking shows titled “Bütün Çılgınlar Sever Beni” (All the Crazy People Love Me) and “Parkta Güzel Bir Gün” (A Beautiful Day at the Park) and “En Kısa Gecenin Rüyası” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) on the Moda Stage in Istanbul, Moda.

Selman Dursun graduated from İstanbul University, Law Faculty. In 2002, he got the master degree and in 2009, he got Phd degree in Public Law. He was assigned as assistant professor. He currently works as academic member at Istanbul University.