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Director: Miroslav Terzić

Country: Serbia

Release: 2019

Language-Runtime: DCP / Colur / 105’ Serbian with Turkish and English subtitle

Cast: Snezana Bogdanovic, Marko Bacovic, Jovana Stojiljkovic, Vesna Trivalic, Dragana Varagic, Pavle Cemerikic

Beyoğlu Sineması
23.11.2019 – 21:30

City’s Nişantaşı
25.11.2019 – 16:30

Inspired by true events, set in contemporary Belgrade, Stitches tells the story of a woman who firmly believes that her newborn baby was stolen from her 18 years ago, while she was told that her baby died. With obsession and perseverance, she is fighting one last time against the police, the hospital bureaucracy and even her own family, in order to uncover the truth

Berlin International  Film Festival Won, Panaroma Audince Award

International Beijing Film Festival Best Screenplay

Europe Film Festival Best Screenplay