International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition Regulations





The competition aims to select the best justice themed feature film, promote production of justice themed films and create discussion about the theme.


The competition will take place in Istanbul within the scope of the 14th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival which will be held between 22-28 November 2028.

Application deadline for the competition is September 06, 2024, 6pm (Istanbul GMT+3)


1. Films released after December 01, 2023 can participate in the International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition.

2. Justice themed fiction, animation and documentary films over 60 minutes that are suitable for commercial screening can participate in the competition.

3. Films that were previously commercially screened in Turkey, have been shown on television channels, have been screened at festivals held in Istanbul or which have been commercially sold, distributed or broadcast in any format or which can be viewed publicly on the Internet cannot participate in the competition. 

4. Being screened or awarded at a festival outside Istanbul does not prevent participation in the competition.


1. For an application to be considered valid, the application form for the International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition, filled completely, and two DVD (Pal) preview copies or an online screener link of the film must be sent to the festival before the application deadline of  September 6, 2024.

2. Films shot in any format can participate in the competition. However, the festival screening copies must be in DCP format. Copies in other formats will not be screened.

3. Copies must have the appropriate picture and sound quality for screening. If the copy does not have the appropriate picture and sound quality, the film may be excluded from the competition without any warning. 

4. Applicants must submit their preview copies, along with the application form and the materials listed below to the festival center via e-mail in digital format before the application deadline: 

  1. Online screener link with English subtitles 

  2. Synopsis of the film (English)

  3. Film info (English)

  4. Subtitles and dialogue list in English and the original the language of the film

  5. Press materials and film stills (300 dpi min.).

  6. Director’s biography, filmography and photo (300 dpi min).

  7. Film trailer for use in festival introduction film and television promotions (Trailer must not include logo, subtitle, timecode etc.)

  8. High resolution digital poster (720*1020)

E-mail: program@icapff.com

5. Screening copies of the films must have with English subtitles, in cases where this is not possible, an English dialogue list should be provided in order to make electronic subtitles in English.

6. Copies must be sent directly to the address stated by the festival. DCP copies must be sent to the festival in their original, protected, hard cover boxes, along with the name of the film written legibly on the box. Transport details of the films (Name of the film, date and type of transport) must be sent to the festival via email. Films will be returned to the address provided within three weeks of the conclusion of the festival.

7. Films accepted for the competition must ensure their DCP copies reach the festival center by 3 November 2024, 6p.m. local time.

8. Cost of arrival and return transportation of copies and storage, customs, insurance and transaction costs in Turkey will be covered by the festival. Return transportation costs will be paid by the festival only if the copy is being returned to the provider. However, if the copy is to be sent to another festival, the festival management is not responsible for the shipping and costs.

9. Teams of the films selected for the competition are invited to attend the festival. Invitation dates and number of people invited will be determined by the festival management. Invited teams will represent their film by attending screenings, premieres, media and audience interviews and award ceremonies determined by the festival management.

10. Digital copies of the films participating in the competition will remain at the festival administration to be kept in the festival archive. Festival management may use copies for educational and cultural purposes with permission. Material from the film, not exceeding 3 minutes, may be used for the promotion of the festival.

11. The film, that was awarded the Golden Scale Best Feature Film Award, can be screened again as the winning film during the award ceremony and at cinemas on the last day of the festival without paying additional screening fees.


1. The final decision regarding the selection and scheduling of the competition films belongs to the festival management. In addition to applications, the festival advisory board, distributors, directors, international film organizations and non-governmental organizations can make suggestions.

2. Assessment results are announced on the festival website and sent to the participants e-mail addresses.

3. The festival jury and the jury president are selected by the festival committee from international directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, film critics, cinema historians and known people in the field of cinema. The president of the jury and / or members of the jury cannot leave their duties by showing a reason other than the force majeure stated in the law.

4. The jury can collectively or individually watch the films during the festival at cinema or private screenings.

5. Festival management will determine the time and date of the jury’s decision meeting and when the results will be delivered to the festival management.

6. Festival management will assign an observer without voting rights to attend the jury meeting. The results of the competition are delivered to the Festival Management together with the reasoned decision signed by all members by the Jury. Nobody except the jury members, the observer and a translator assigned by the festival management if necessary can attend the jury meetings. If the jurors’ votes are tied, the vote of the jury president will count as two votes.

7. The main jury will evaluate the competition films only in the best feature film category and must select one best feature film among the competition films. The Golden Scale best film award can only be given to one film, the award cannot be shared. The jury may also award a Special Jury Prize if it deems appropriate. There is no monetary award for the Jury Special Prize.

8. International Golden Scale Feature Film Competition, Best Feature Film Award and the “7.500 Euro” prize money will be awarded to the director of the film selected for the best feature  film. 

9. Director of the film that has won the award or actors, writers, producers or similar people from the film representing the director must attend the award ceremony in person to receive the award.

10. Monetary awards of the competition will be paid to the bank account declared by the director by 31st December 2024 following the deduction of tax and legal withholdings subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

11. Owners of the work of art awarded and advanced to the final are obliged to publish a statement indicating that they received the award or were selected as finalists along with the logo of the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in the opening and closing credits of their films, press releases, newspaper advertisements and all kinds of promotional media.


1. In addition to the main jury, a student jury consisting of university students in Istanbul selects the best film among the competition films.

2. Student jury is selected by the festival management from applicants.

3. The “Student Jury Award” is given to the film selected by the student jury. Student Jury Award has no monetary reward.


1. Representatives of all films participating in the competition agree to accept and be bound by all terms of the festival competition rules and regulations, set forth herein.

2. The Festival executive committee is responsible for resolving all issues that are beyond the scope of festival rules & regulations and disputes or disagreements that might occur.

3. The festival management reserves the right to make changes in the regulation when necessary.