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Love Trilogy: Chained



Director: Yaron Shani

Country: Israel, Germany

Release: 2019

Language-Runtime: DCP / Color / 112’ Hebrew with Turkish and English subtitles

Cast: Eran Naim, Stav Almagor, Stav Patay, Asher Ayalon

Beyoğlu Sineması
23.11.2019 – 14:00

City’s Nişantaşı
27.11.2019 – 21.30

Rashi has been a police officer for 15 years, a guardian of others and the law, always in control. Despite his constant exposure to violence, he dearly hopes to have a child with his wife Avigail. Then Rashi’s world is shaken. He is accused of sexual assault and suspended from the force due to his conduct during a standard police-check on some privileged boys. While defending his innocence at work, he finds himself clashing at home with his Lolita-like step-daughter who is as assertive and stubborn as he is defying his authority.
His wife becomes gradually distant. Helpless and chained by his need to dominate, he becomes a danger to himself and his beloved ones.

Israel Film Academy
Best Director
Best Actor
Jerusalem Film Festival
Best Film
Best Actor