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The Bull




Director: Boris Akopov

Country: Russian Federation

Release: 2019

Language-Runtime: DCP / Color / 99’ Russian with Turkish and English subtitles

Cast: Yuri Borisov, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Sergey Dvoinikov, Alexander Samsonov

Beyoğlu Sineması
23.11.2019 – 16:30

City’s Nişantaşı
25.11.2019 – 21.30

Gang leader Anton Bykov, known as the Bull, ends up at the police station after a scuffle with a rival criminal group. He only manages to avoid prison thanks to the intervention of a feared mafia boss, who nevertheless asks him to pull off a risky job in return.

Karlovy Vary International Film FestivalGrand Prix of the East of the West Competition