Aramak için yazın




Director: Reis Çelik

Release: Turkey, 2012

Language – Runtime: DCP / Color / 92’ Turkish with English subtitles

Cast: İlyas Salman, Dilan Aksüt, Sabri Tutal, Mayşeker Yücel, Sercan Demirkaya, Volkan Şirin, Sevilay Aydın, Nazan Durmuş, Serkan Deniz, Ahmet Aydın

60 year old man, who has been inside prison for many years due to a blood feud has been released. To end the feud, they make opposed family’s 14 year old daughter, whom he doesn’t know and hasn’t even seen her face before, his bride. After the wedding ceremony the child bride and the 60 year old groom enter the bridal chamber. The 14 year old bride tries to find ways to conquer her fear by making up various games through the night. The 60 year old groom participates bride’s games with maturity but as the night progresses, he’ll start to face his present shame and the realities that he’s been living his whole life. This long night’s morning, which happened in the bridal chamber and only between two people, was going to end unexpectedly.