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The Bacchus Lady

E J-yong
YOUN Yuh-jung, CHON Moo-song, YOON Kye-sang, An A-zu, CHOI Hyun-jun

sinemalarAtlas Movie Theatre
02.10.2016 – 21:30

sinemalarFeriye Movie Theatre
01.10.2016 – 19:00


The Bacchus Lady
Jug-Yeo-Ju-Neun Yeo-Ja
Baküs Leydi

So-young makes a meager living by selling herself off to old men. She is a “Bacchus lady”, an elderly prostitutewho approaches clients with a bottle of Bacchus, a popular Korean energy drink, and the phrase “would youlike a drink?”. Despite the help from her social outcast neighbors like Madame Tina, the transgender landlady, orDo-hoon the poor young man with a prosthetic leg, she struggles to care for the child, who is away from mother and lives with So-Young, through prostitution. One day, Jae-woo, a former client, tells her that SONG, anotherregular, had been hospitalized after a stroke. She visits the hospital to discover a completely paralyzed SONG,who begs her to end his life, as he lives in misery and embarrassment. After deep inner conflict, she finallyaccepts his request. But it will not be the last.