National Golden Scales Short Film Project Competition Regulations


22 – 28 November 2019




  • In order to support the production of the justice themed short films, International Crime and Punishment Film Festival organized a short film project competition. The competition will take place in the 9th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival. The script, which attends the competition and wins an award, is intended to be screened in the 10th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival.
  • The festival will take place between the 22nd and the 28th of November, 2019 in Istanbul.
  • The deadline of the application for the competition is the 2nd of August, 2019 at 17:00.


  • At least one of the director (the owner of the piece) and / or the producer of the piece, which attended the competition should be a T.C. or a K.K.T.C. citizen.
  • Legal entities can’t apply.
  • Works, which have never been chosen to a Short Film Project Competition and haven’t won an award, can apply. A work, which later turns out to have been attended to another Short Film Project Competition will be excluded from the competition.
  • The projects of which the shootings have started can’t apply to the Short Film Project Competition. The chosen projects’ shootings shouldn’t start before the award ceremony of the Film Festival, which is at the 27th of November, 2019.
  • The script’s theme should be “justice”. Justice scope was addressed from the justice of conscientious to the legal justice, in a wide perspective. Scripts, which have different themes, horror film or thriller scripts will be eliminated from the competition.
  • The script should be original. The rights of the script should belong by himself, there shouldn’t be legal issues. The owner of the script should upload the certificate regarding the copyright of the script, if existent; if not, should upload a written and signed declaration, which states the script has been written by him/her.
  • The scripts should be prepared in Turkish and in English.
  • The applications will be done online by PDF. Applications by hand, via mail or e-mail won’t be taken into consideration. The application form should be filled out from the website. People who’ll apply should fill out the application form completely, without any missing parts and complete their application by the 2nd of August, 2019, before 17:00, which is the deadline for the applications.
  • The length of the script should be organized as 20 pages maximum, the summary should be 1 page.
  • If the script was written by a team, one of the writers will make the presentation with the consent of the others. If the script win an award, the award is the responsibility of the team of writers.
  • The owner of the script or the director can apply with only one script.
  • The winning projects’ producers agree to have the premier of their movies at the 10th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival. Otherwise, the producers will be responsible to pay the penal obligation equal to the worth of the award won.
  • The owner of the script is fully responsible of the shooting process. The owner of the award, who won the competition, agrees to the responsibilities aforesaid ahead of time.



  • The pre-elimination will be done by the advisory board constituted by the festival. The advisory board will designate maximum 10 scripts among the applications for the consideration of the jury.
  • The scripts, which will be designated by the advisory board, will be assessed by the jury, consisted of 5 experts in the area of native and foreign film and art.
  • The finalists are responsible to narrate their projects to the main jury in the presentation day and hour (by physically being present), which will be held between the 22nd and 27th of November, 2019. The transfer and accommodation of one person who’ll present on behalf of their finalist who resides outside of Istanbul will be provided.
  • Project presentations are limited by 5 minutes. Competitionants who prefer to use visuals in their presentation may use such, for no longer than 3 minutes.
  • The person doing the presentation should know English. If not, he/she must attend the presentation with someone who knows English, who will present in his/her behalf.
  • At least one of the producer or the director of the chosen projects should attend to present to the Short Film Project Competition. If at least one of the producer or the director isn’t able to attend the Short Film Project Competition to present, the chosen project can’t be a nominee for the award.
  • Festival Management elects one observer, who doesn’t have the right to vote, in the jury decision meeting. The results of the competition are delivered to the Festival Management by the jury with the justified decision, signed by all members.
  • The main jury must select a project after the assessments. However, the jury may suggest special awards.

The Awards:

  • The project, which have been elected as the first place as the jury, will be awarded with the Golden Scales Award and 10.000.00 TL cash prize.
  • Mint Film Postproduction Support: A project designated by the jury will be provided with the postproduction support by the Mint Film.
  • Tolan Film: Camera Support (3 days)
  • YapımLab Production Workshop Scholarship: Participation to a 6-month production workshop to a project owner designated by the jury
  • Queenofad Script Consultancy: Script consultancy support from Director Korhan Bozurt to a project designated by the jury
  • Murat Evgin Soundtrack Support: Soundtrack support from Murat Evgin to a project designated by the jury
  • Diren Sanat Media Support: Media sponsorship to the winning project of the Golden Scales Award by Diren Sanat
  • The person deserving the award should personally be in the Award ceremony to claim his/her award; or be represented.
  • The monetary awards of the competition will be paid until the 31st of December, 2019.


  • The participants, who fill out the application form at the festival’s website, are deemed to have accepted the terms in the Festival Regulations.
  • The Festival Management, have the right to eliminate the projects which are not fit to the regulation terms from the Short Film Festival Project Competition.
  • The award winning project is obligated to resolve the project into a film, which won’t be longer than 20 minutes including the generics and deliver the compete film to the festival to be screened for the first time at the 10th Crime and Punishment Film Festival.
  • The award-winning project is obligated to send a report every month regarding the final situation of the project. The festival reserves the right to apply 1000 TL sanction to the project owner who doesn’t send a report.
  • The award winning project will deliver the project filmed and completed to the Festival Management by the 20th of August, 2020. If not, the project must refund half the amount of the award back to the festival.
  • There can’t be a change in the name or the content of the winning project. The film must be shot dependent on the winning script and with the same name.
  • The Festival Executive Board is authorized regarding aspects which are outside the extent of these regulations and the resolving of conflicts which may arise.


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