I You He/She We You They

International Golden Scale Short Fiction Film Competition

I You He/She We You They


Ben Sen O Biz Siz Onlar

I You He/She We You They


DCP / Siyah Beyaz, Renkli B&W, Color / 5’

Turkish with English Subtitles 

Turkiye, 2023


Sevin Yaman

Remziye Şentürk, Ali Kulaç

When the draft law on the amnesty of sexual abuse through marriage was on government’s agenda in Turkey 2016 and 2020, there was a great reaction among women. Women who were and will be married to perpetrators did not hesitate to make their voices heard and resisted. These law drafts were abandoned after a strong public outcry.

I You He/She We You They, tells the story of a young girl who is forced to marry the perpetrator of rape struggles between power, law, society and family. Salvation is in solidarity…


Gösterim Screening
Kadıköy Sineması 21.11.2023 14.30
İBB Beyoğlu Sineması 22.11.2023 14.30
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