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Short Film Competition Juries

The Pre-Jury of 6th International Golden Scale Short Films Competition


Born in İstanbul. Graduated from University of Kocaeli Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Being in school theater club she had participated as an actress in a UNESCO awarded theater project which was put on stage in collaboration with Germany, Israel and Greece. She acted in many different theaters including İzmit Municipality City Theaters, Theater Hayal Et and Osman Cavci Theater. She assisted theater master Genco Erkal in Dostlar Theater. She was selected for the Talent Campus of 14th Sarajevo Film Festival. Acted in different tv serials, short films and many commercials such as Pepsi, Burger King, Atasay, Calgonit, Beko, Eti, İş Bankası, Turkcell, Siemens etc. Also acted in feature films Romantik Komedi and Talisman (Muska).

She’s still an actor of theater master Ferhan Şensoy’s Nöbetçi Theater, Theater ŞenAy and Theater Kedi.

She does and teaches aerial silks acrobatics.

She was administrative manager of theater workshops in Nazım Hikmet Foundation.

She is the chairwoman of Contemporary Circus Artists Association, founding member of Actors’ Union of Turkey (OYUNCULAR SENDİKASI) and founding member and General Secretary of Actors Collecting Society (BİROY) for copyrights.

KorhanBozkurtKorhan Bozkurt is a director living in Istanbul. He has begun his career in 2004 by shooting commercials and music videos. His first feature film is “O Kadın” which he wrote and directed in 2007. Korhan Bozkurt, who is also a musician, is an amateur photographer.


Born in 1962, Tunca Aslan finished İzmir Atatürk High School and then graduated from Istanbul University Law School.

He works as a journalist, cinema critic and editor since the end of 1980’s.

Living in Beijing between 2005-2008 and worked as a foreign correspondent in CRI- China International Radio Station’s Turkish Department, Aslan performed as a jury in many national and international film festivals.

He is the author of “Football and Cinema – The Silver Screen Adventure of Football” (2003), “Remarkably Wacky Movies of Turkish Cinema After 1980” (2009), “The Best Movies and Best Directors of the Last 50 Years of Golden Orange” (2013).


The Jury of 6th International Golden Scale Short Film Competition

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Işıl Yücesoy was born in 2 October, 1945 in Kırklareli. After her graduation from Ankara State Conservatory, she started to work in State Theater in 1969. In 1975, decided to take her chance as a singer in music industry and recorded her first single “Çalamazsın Mutluluğu”. In 1978 she founded her own record company called “Orient Plak” and appeared in many night clubs and venues. After she recorded four albums, she started to take roles in movies and TV series.She has a daughter named Meneviş from her spouse Tanju Cılızoğlu.

Işıl Yücesoy started her acting career in 1969, with Tennessee William’s “Kingdom of Earth”. After taking part in many theater plays, she recorded her first single “Çalamazsın Mutluluğu – Köye Geldi Bir Gelin” in 1975. After the singles; “Açılmamış Mektup – İçmeden Sarhoş” (1975), “Bir Var Bir Yok – Sen Seni” (1975), “Sen İnanma – Ya Seninle Ya Sensiz” (1978), Işıl Yücesoy recorded an album in 1979, called “Bir Evet Yeter”. Then “Best of Işıl Yücesoy” was published.

Through 1981-2016, she took part in various theater plays, tv series and movies.

She acted in various plays like ‘Küçük Adam Ne Oldu Sana’ (2000), ‘Orkestra’ (1996), ‘Giydirici’ (1995), ‘Abdülcambaz’ (1993), ‘Yedi Kadın’ (1992), ‘Üç Kuruşluk Opera’ (1988), ‘Sarı Naciye’ (1988) , ‘Yollar Tükendi’ (1974) , ‘Haydutlar’ (1970) , ‘Kanlı Düğün’ (1970), ‘Yeryüzü Cenneti’ (196).

She also directed İzzettin Çalışlar’s play ‘Gizli Bahçe’ in 2001 and Theresia Walser’s ‘King Kong’s Daughters’ in 2010.
She appeared in ‘Üvey Baba’ (2000) , ‘Çemberimde Gül Oya’ (2004) , ‘Zoraki Koca’ (2007) , ‘Yer Gök Aşk’ (2011-2013) , ‘Kara Para Aşk’ (2014) , ‘Hayat Mucizelere Gebe’ (2015) TV series and ‘Korkuyorum Anne’ (2004) ‘Unutursam Fısılda’ (2014) feature films.

As she won many awards with Reha Erdem’s ‘Korkuyorum Anne’, Işıl Yücesoy hit the top of her acting career with the Hanife character in Çağan Irmak’s feature film ‘Unutursam Fısılda’.

After 35 years of a volunteered break from her music career, talented artist Işıl Yücesoy recorded a new album called “Zamansız” in 2016.

He was born in 1975,in Azerbaijan region of Iran, in the city of Tebriz. He began his film career with documentary copy writing . Then he worked as assistant director of photography ,and assistant director. He migrated to Istanbul. He is a member of “Iranian Movie House”, ” Iranian Documentary Film Makers Community” and BSB cinema owners’ Associaton of work”..


Ahu Özürk had her education in philosophy and cinema. In 2004 she created her first documentary “Sandık (Chest)”. In 2010 she has attended the Tales from Kars consisting of five films, with her film “Açık Yara (Open Wound)”.

“Açık Yara (Open Wound)” has played on many international film festivals in 2010 like Rotterdam, İstanbul, Jerusalem, Sarajevo and Beirut.

“Toz Bezi (Dust Cloth)” is Öztürk’s first feature film and had the international premiere in Berlinale Forum in 2016 and got the Best Film, Best Actress and Best Script awards in Istanbul Film Festival in 2016..

Born in Yozgat. After receiving primary and secondary education in Ankara, came to İstanbul for university degree. He was started to interest in cinema during secondary school and more intensely in İstanbul. After studying 3 years at İstanbul University-School of Economics, he made his decision about finance was not suitable for himself and decided to study cinema. For this purpose he started his study at Marmara University- Faculty of Communication/Radio, Television and Cinema. In 2000, he actively pursued his career as journalist at Culture&Arts service in Radikal Newspaper; especially focused on Turkish Cinema. His critics has been published in newspapers and magazines like Milliyet Sanat, Popüler Tarih, Sinema, Empire Türkiye, Aktüel, Arka Pencere. As 2008, he started to work in Culture&Art service in Sabah newspaper. As 2011, he started to work as editor in Sabah Newspapers Culture&Art service and from now on he currently works as an editor in Sabah Newspapers’ Weekend Editions. Besides his weekly critics about movies, his articles, interviews and featurettes are publishing in Sabah Newspapers’ Weekend Editions.

Born in ugur-vardan1964 in Zonguldak, Uğur Vardan finished Sakarya Arifiye Teacher’s Training High School and then graduated from Istanbul Technical University’s Faculty of Architecture.
He began his career in Erkekçe Magazine. He worked in various magazines such as Arkitekt, Antrakt, Sinema Gazetesi, Aktüel, FHM and as resident writer in Telerama, Özgür Gündem, Yeni Binyıl.
For many years he worked as a cinema critic and editor in-chief in sports department of Radikal newspaper.

He is a member of SİYAD (Cinema Writers Association) since 1993.
Vardan performed as a jury member in İstanbul, Antalya and Ankara Film Festivals.
He is still working in Hurriyet newspaper as a cinema critic and sportswriter.