Those On Earth

International Golden Scale Short Documentary Film Competition

Those On Earth



Those On Earth


DCP / Renkli Color / 25’

Kurdish, Turkish With Turkish And English Subtitles 

Türkiye, 2022


Harun Yel

20-30 years ago, the municipality opens an area that was a cemetery for development. In the period when the migration from the village to the city is intense, people start to build houses in the cemetery area. But nobody touches the graves there. Everyone respects the graves and a grave remains at the end or garden of every house built. The neighborhood becomes a place where those above and below the ground live together.


Gösterim Screening
Kadıköy Sineması 22.11.2023 14.30
İBB Beyoğlu Sineması 22.11.2023 17.00
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